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There's No Cookie Cutter Way to Train Dogs!

Recommended References

Barker Canine Academy’s YouTube Channel

Reading Material

The Other End Of The Leash by Patricia McConnell, PHD
Decoding Your Dog by American College of Veterinary Behaviorists
The Bond: An Excerpt with Fifty Ways to Help Animals by Wayne Pacelle
A Deaf Dog Joins the Family by Terrie Hayward


Sophia Yin teaching Fetch
Sophia Yin Desensitizing Your Dog for Nail Trims
How to Fit a Halti Head Collar

Phone Apps:

APCC by ASPCA -For checking hazardous plants, medications, etc.
DogLog -For tracking your dog’s life
Puppy Potty Log -For helping you know when your puppy needs to potty
Sound Proof Puppy Training -For desensitizing your puppy to sounds



Emergency Preparedness
Holiday Safety
Dangerous Foods for Pets

Houston Pet Talk

March 2020 Issue


Guide to Dog Body Language

Family Living Today

Pet Owner Guide
Keeping Kids Safe from Pets’ Germs
Pet Owner’s Guide to Moving

Golden Retriever Love

Emergency Pet Preparedness