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There's No Cookie Cutter Way to Train Dogs!

Common Myths about Dog Training

As a dog trainer, I have heard it all! There are so many myths out there about dog training. I want to share the most common ones with you.

Myth: A puppy has to be at least six months old to be trained.

Reality: A puppy can start training the moment they can relate to their environment. The sooner you start training your puppy the quicker they will learn. Start training young to help them grow up to be behaviorally healthy and confident adult dog.

Myth: Using food in training is bribery.

Reality: While food can be used to bribe a dog, when applying a positive training method, food is used as a reinforcement and reward. Food is used because most dogs find it worth working for. Treats are quickly discontinued as the dog gains confidence and skill.

Myth: Using food to train means I will always need food in my hand for my dog to do something.

Reality: Your dog will only look for food in the future if you do not fade out the food lures quickly.

Myth: “An old dog can’t learn new tricks.”

Reality: You can train a dog at any age. Keep in mind that with an older dog it may take a little longer to change an existing behavior. In some cases it is actually easier to train an older dog than a puppy. Older dogs are usually calmer and are better focused than puppies.