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There's No Cookie Cutter Way to Train Dogs!

Why is Dog Training Important?

  • You teach your dog basic behaviors, such as sit, down, stand, stay, wait, heel, etc. These behaviors build toward an obedient dog. Everyone enjoys a well mannered friendly dog.
  • Training enriches the life of your dog. Dogs desire a job, a purpose in life. By not fulfilling this, your dog can become bored. This can cause destructive chewing, aggressive play, and inappropriate barking. “A bored dog is a destructive dog.” Is a saying that I have found to be very true. Training gives them a job, a purpose, and avoids inappropriate behavior.
  • Socialization is very important in every dog’s life. Barker Canine Academy will teach you the proper way to introduce your dog to new people and pets. This allows your dog to become accustomed to people and other dogs in a safe manner.
  • While training your dog, you are creating a lasting bond and trust. This happens by spending one full hour just that dog, rewarding them with treats and praises. You and your dog learn the behaviors together which strengthens your bond.